SRNL International, Inc.


Partnering for success

SRNL International, Inc. understands the benefits with partnering. On any given project or assignment, we bring resources to the engagement that will ensure success. SRNL International has the ability to help the deliver projects in time, advice the client on technical architecture, augment staff with technology leaders, and complete a thorough testing of project. These activities are completed through a corporative working relationship with our clients where the partnering process ensures success.

Technology Upgrade

One of the biggest challenges a client faces is the ability to effectively use all benefits of a given technology. SRNL International approach allows clients to meet their needs by deploying solutions at client site and educating them for a smooth transition and the future success of the project. Software Tools and Technologies : Java, J2EE, EJB, Web Services, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Spring MVC, Struts, JSP, FreeMarker, JSF, CGI, Perl, C/C++, VB.Net, ASP.Net, C#, XML, RSS, and Atom, DHTML, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, jQueryUI, Highcharts, IBM Websphere, Oracle Weblogic, IBM DB2, Oracle Database, ExtJS, Lotus Domino, Windows, Unix, OBIEE, Oracle Service Bus, IBM MQ Messaging, Oracle Fusion Middleware stack, SOA middleware BPEL, OSB, JUnit, Selenium, Concordion, Big Data: Hadoop, HBase, Cassandra, Mongo, Redis.

Technology Advising

With pressures to remain competitive companies are faced with an ever-changing array of technology. SRNL International mind resources have the expertise and experience to guide a client through a process that will assist them in making the appropriate technical divisions for their company. SRNL International draws on a proven pool of technical and business resources with practical and industry expertise to help the client achieve the desired results.

Software Application Migration

We have undertaken large onshore and offsite application migration projects and have devised a methodology that spells success always. The migration paths we excel in are, legacy applications to client server applications on open systems; archaic host centric application to distributed applications and web enabled front ends for legacy applications. As part of such migrations, value addition in terms of partial re-engineering, functionality addition & enhancement is also offered.

Software Development

The software development team provides high-quality and cost effective software development solutions that address a number of information technology needs. SRNL International software services empower the clients to offer or provide services or improve existing systems. SRNL International is in a position to develop software applications for a wide variety of industry segments such as retail and wholesale banking, financial sector, healthcare, and telecommunications. Services include software re-engineering, turnkey software development and system migration.

Product Development

SRNL International develops customized software products and solutions. The strength of SRNL International is in its product development process that includes full life cycle management, version control, and documentation control apart from 24-hours technical support. SRNL International will develop, deploy update and service software products. Our software development is conversant with ISO 9000 and SEI CMM quality practices. The uniqueness of SRNL International products is that they are multi-platform and inter-operable.